Bed Bug Detection

Using dogs for bed bug detection is a non-invasive and cost effective way of detecting bed bugs to avoid in infestation.

Human eyes are only 30% effective while a dog's nose is 95% effective at detecting bed bugs. 

Call Jake at 765-562-3004 for questions about our detection services as well as prices and scheduling.

Mission Statement

     At VonBernd K9 Training Center's Bed Bug Detection Service we aim to partner with our clients to help them combat the resurgence of bed bugs through detection and education.

        Our goal is to reduce your expense and cut down the inconvenience of controlling and eliminating bed bugs in your home or business.

Facts About Bed Bugs

  • Eat blood of both humans and animals

  • Adult females can lay 1-12 eggs per day

  • Lifespan is typically 10 months

  • Can live up to a year without food

  • Can hide in spaces as thin as a credit card

  • Resistant to many pesticides

What to Look For

  • Waking up with unidentified bites

  • Fecal stains

  • Molted bed bug skins

  • Blood spots

Hiding Places

  • Seams of mattresses

  • Couch and chair cushions

  • Behind electrical outlets

  • Behind wallpaper

  • In or under any clutter