Jake takes the time to get to know the dogs before he starts training them. He wants to know what you want to see from the dog and also makes great suggestions. Jake's methods work. He is a hard worker and loves the dogs! You will not be disappointed!

Christy Burton

Thanks to Jake we can now control our 4 year old boxer boy Hercules!!! Hercules was traumatized at a very young age so his trust in humans is not so great but thanks to Jake we now know how to control him better!! Hercules missed his training sessions thanks again.

Michelle Murphy

Done outstanding job with two long term stays for my little dog. Very professional staff and my dog definitely likes going there. Very easy to do business with.

Roy Herdman

Jake is currently doing obedience training with our 2-year old German Shepherd. He recognized immediately how shy and timid Evie is and has been training her accordingly. Very professional and compassionate - highly recommend!

Michele Pittard

Jake is AMAZING. I couldn't be happier with his training techniques. He definitely worked a miracle with my GSD.

Shellie Neal

Jake really has helped our family. We can enjoy our dog so much more now. Our husky has a lot of work to do but Jake truly takes it an extra mile and never makes us feel ignorant with our questions or training. I highly encourage people to go see him and his wife. Even for the small things, they are worth the money and the drive.

Summer Miles

I can’t thank Jake enough!!! We have had him working with Gunner!!!! Jake has went above & beyond!!!!! And understands the GSD breed...I just believe if you need a down to earth man, who loves working with training any dog...he'd be my first choice!!!!

Becky Argy

We took our “Shooter” to have him watched while we went on vacation. We have never left Shooter before, unless it was with our son. We were very nervous about the whole experience since we had never used a service to board our dog. This group of people were absolutely amazing. They took such good care of our baby boy. Thank you again for taking such great care of Shooter. I think he is missing you all. I recommend VonBernd for all of your boarding needs…

Julie Flanagan Conkright

Jake is very informative and helpful taking time to explain why you’re doing what you do. VonBernd K-9 Training Center is a premier training center for this area. We are lucky to have such experienced trainers with extensive backgrounds in all levels and types of training

Kevin Cothron

I wish I knew about them and their qualities when my dog was still a puppy!

With a two year old German Shepherd lunging at people, dogs, cars...I thought that I was doomed after I tried all sorts of training techniques…

Well, after 2 training lessons they made their magic! I’m now at the 12th lesson...and I can go downtown Indianapolis on the canal walk with my beloved dog! My friends can get close to him and even pet him! I can’t describe with words how grateful I am that I was told about this training center. I feel a better dog owner and my dog...well my dog is now a safe dog!

Carlo De Lumé

I've taken training courses in group settings and the one-on-one attention Sawyer (my dog) and I get by obedience training with Jake has already shown marked results. I'm also very grateful for the flexibility in scheduling since I don't live close and I'm able to make training fit in with my schedule and have one less thing to stress about. 

Belinda Gaviola

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