About Us

Jake Skillett

Jake Skillett

Master trainer/owner/operator

Our master trainer, Jake Skillett, began training animals at 11 years old while volunteering at a wildlife sanctuary. As he got older he refined his trade and turned his focus to the dog world.


He first certified a bloodhound for search and rescue when he was 20 years old. He later received his master trainer certification and expanded his training to multiple disciplines.


His experience has taken him across the globe from training bomb dogs in Iraq to protection dogs for clients across the USA.


Shelby Skillett

Office Manager/Photograper

Shelby is a huge animal lover (she would have to be to be married to Jake)!

She runs the office but also helps with training when she is here.


Additionally she offers pet photography. Call for a quote today!



Brian Dougherty

Trainer/Bed Bug Operations Mgr

Brian began his journey with VonBernd in 2018 as an intern which concluded with him completing his master trainer certificate!

After his internship he returned to Oklahoma, but at the beginning of 2019 decided to venture back to Indiana and help Jake kick start the bed bug detection side of the business.